Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is not allowed in our dumpsters?
A.We accept most household and construction project materials. We cannot accept any kind of hazardous materials such as tires, liquids, paints, batteries, propane tanks, appliances, mattresses, medical waste, TV’s & computer monitors. Dirt, concrete, asphalt, shingles or other aggregate materials is also not allowed.
Q.What if I need the dumpsters for longer than 7 days?
A.Your initial rental contract includes up to 7 days. Any days that you keep it after 7 days there is a daily rental charge of $15.00 per day up to a total of 14 days (the initial 7 days plus up to 7 extra days). After 14 days the dumpster will be automatically picked up and invoiced.
Q.Do I need to be home for the dumpster delivery?
A.No one needs to be home unless you would like to pay by check or cash. As long as you notate on your order where you want the dumpster placed and the area is not blocked by vehicles, materials, or other obstructions such as overhead power lines or tree branches. You may also send us a picture of the area that you want it placed by either text or email.
Q.How full can I fill the dumpster?
A.You can fill the dumpster up to the maximum fill line that is on the sides of the dumpster. Items above this line not only becomes illegal for us to haul but also creates a potentially dangerous hazard of items falling out during transport. Our loads must be tarped for transport and if items are above the maximum fill line and no one is on site to correct the overfilled condition additional fees may apply for us to make the dumpster safe to transport.
Q.Do I need a permit for a dumpster?
A.Check with your HOA or town to see if there are any requirements you must meet before ordering delivery. Any permits are the customers responsibility.
Q.What is your service area?
A.Our service areas are based on distance from our yard and takes into consideration areas within that distance that we do not serve based on regional road conditions. We can service areas not listed or further away for an additional trip charge based on distance
Q.What are the dumpster dimensions?
A.Or 15-yard dumpsters are 8’ wide, 12’-7” long and 5’-11” tall with a single door that you can open for loading if you want to.
Q.Are there any additional fees?
A.Included in your rental is an initial 7 day rental duration and 1.5 tons of weight (3,000lbs). This is sufficient for the majority of household clean outs and small home remodeling projects. If you go over the included 1.5 tons then a prorated amount will be billed at a rate of $90 per ton. If the dumpster is kept longer than the initial 7 days then a $15 per day fee will be billed for up to an additional 7 days. Other additional charges that may be applied but can easily be avoided by following our contract by not doing the following;

-Unacceptable or hazardous items placed in the container that require special handling for disposal by us or incur an additional dump fee to us.
-Unable to pick up (dry run) due to gates being locked, dumpster blocked by materials or vehicles, or dumpster being grossly overloaded or above the maximum fill line.
-Damage to our dumpster from any equipment (loader, tractor, skid steer, etc.) filling the dumpster will be charged to the customer.
Q.Where can the dumpster be placed?
A.We can only place our dumpsters on a flat hard surface such as concrete, asphalt or gravel. Placement in grassy areas can result in damage to the ground or the wheels of our dumpsters.
Q.Can I move the dumpster once it has been delivered?
A.The short answer is no. Not only is the chance to damage our dumpsters possible, it also might be moved into a position that creates a condition where we are unable to pick up the dumpster. If you absolutely need the dumpster moved after it has been delivered, we can come back out and relocate it for a dry run fee.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (540) 522-0456

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